Act of Consecration of Pope Francis to Our Lady of Fatima

October 13, 2013

Blessed Virgin of Fatima,
with renewed gratitude for your maternal presence
we join our voice to that of all generations
who say you are blessed.

We celebrate in you the great works of God,
who never tries of bowing down to humanity with mercy,
tormented by evil and wounded by sin,
to guide and save it.

Welcome with Mother's benevolence
the act of surrender that we do today with confidence,
before this image of yours so dear to us.
We are sure that each one of us is precious in your eyes.
and that nothing is unknown to you of all that dwells in our hearts.

We let ourselves be reached by your sweet gaze
and we receive the comforting caress of your smile.
Keep our life in you arms:
bless and strengthen any desire for good;
rekindles and nourishes faith;
supports and illuminates hope;
it arouses and encourages charity;
guide us all on the path of holiness.

Teach us your same love of predilection
for the little ones and the poor,
for the excluded and suffering,
for sinners and the misguided;
gather everyone under your protection
and recommend all to your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus.


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